Simple Mindfulness Activity for Kids (and grown-ups)

Simple Mindfulness Activity for Kids (and grown-ups)

One Spring day I was on the verge of having an unexplained panic attack. Intuitively and for no real reason, I grabbed the half gallon jar of change I’d been collecting. I poured the jar out on to my bed and began counting. First, I separated out the change by type of coin. Then I began counting the money as I returned it to the jarChange for Mindfulness. By the end of the activity I found that I had completely forgotten about my panic and was in a calm regulated state of mind. Now, I repeat this activity when I am in a heightened state of anxiety.

This fun activity functions as a type of meditation and can be used in times of heightened emotion, or as a practice for increasing focus and concentration.

Step One: Find a large jar and begin filling it with coins. Colorful rocks or large marbles are a great substitute especially for younger children.

Step Two: Find a nice flat surface and pour out the contents of the jar. Sort the contents of jar in some sort of pattern. This could include sorting by type of coin, or by color or shape if you are using stones or marbles.  

Step Three: Place the contents back into the jar on piece at a time.

Elements that Enhance this Activity: One of the best parts of this activity is that it is tactile and engages senses in the hands. For some children this is especially helpful in helping them focus and calm down. I also love that you can do this activity with things you likely have in your home right now.

Additionally there are many metaphors and connections that can drawn from this activity. For example, it amazes me that the jar in the picture contains $37. It reminds me that all of the small moments in life add up to something larger.

There are many ways to utilize this activity. I hope you enjoy it. 

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