Your Pleasure is a Gift

Your Femininity is a Gift

Your Femininity is a gift- your pleasure is a gift that you give to the planet. I know that when I say this it may cause a reaction because so often in our culture femininity is viewed as dirty or bad. Sexuality, especially female sexuality is viewed the same way. So when I talk about femininity being a gift, it brings-up  internal voices that say otherwise. Femininity is… dirty, shameful, week, scary. It can bring to mind different archetypes that are often related to women. Women are often labeled as being a  virgin or whore and neither has a positive connotation. I want to challenge this binary view point. In fact, I am here to throw it out all together. Something else is possible. 

As women we have been culturally programed not to trust our feelings, our bodies, needs, our desires and ourselves. We have been programmed to put ourselves aside in order to take care of husbands, children, parents, families, and communities. In this, we loose touch with the critical importance of our pleasure, freedom, and our happiness. We base our worth on cultural expectations of success instead of what we know on the inside brings happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.

When we are happy, fulfilled, content women the world around us gets better- substantially better. We have a huge influence in the world based in our own power, and in all of the relationships we interact with- be it family, work or otherwise. Really stop and think about how many people, places, and things you interact within a day. Now think about how different things would be if you walked around and interacted will of those same things from a state of joy or peace. How much would things change?

I would like to invite you to give yourself permission to find happiness based on the inside, your feeling center, your intuition and your connection to your body. To learn more check out the Unleash Your Feminine Mojo Workshop.

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