Creating Extraordinary love

(for couples & singles)

May 19th-20th

Do you want more out of your love life? Maybe you are single and wondering why you can’t seem  attract “real love.” Maybe you are in a long-term relationship and its good- but you want more. You want more passion, deeper love, and a stronger emotional connection to your partner. You want experience levels of intimacy beyond what you know now. You want to become an EXTRAORDINARY LOVER. And you can.

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In the UNLEASHED LOVING workshop you will learn how to:

  • Bring your inner lover to life.
  • Connect on deep emotional and spiritual levels
  • Supercharge your sex -life (even if you’ve been with the same partner for years)
  • Tap into your inherent gifts and share them with your partner
  • Attract your ideal partner (whether single or already coupled)
  • Understand your relationships as healing opportunities

Enroll as a single, with a lover, or with a friend!

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Workshop dates:  5/19/18 1:00pm-7pm- 5/20/18 9am-4:30pm

Couples/ individual of all sexual or gender orientation welcome. This workshop is integrative bring together the best in techniques in relationship and sexual healing. This workshop does not include any nudity or sexual activity. There will be some light yoga and meditation practices included.

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