About Kirsten Keach

Hi, I’m Kirsten!

I believe that relationships are a path to powerful personal development.

Whether your dating, coupled, or going through a heart-break– your relationship experiences provide a gateway for you to grow profoundly as a person.

I am here to help you learn the skills to navigate this process so that you can access your full relationship potential.

I’m a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and I help amazing people like you enjoy soul-nourishing love that lasts. I’m also into blogging and all things spiritual, or beyond the mundane.

What Makes Me Different

I am trained specifically to work with relationships. There are many different types of therapists and coaches out there. Marriage and Family Therapists are the only ones that receive specific in-depth training in working with relationships.

My work is holistic.

I help people learn how to really do the work to have an amazing relationship.
Some people think that coming to therapy is a place to complain about their partner, or rehash old fights, but it’s not.

Relationship therapy is about learning how to use the difficulties in your relationship as an entry point to improve yourself as a person, communicate your deeper feelings, and step-out of old, unconscious patterns.

You deserve to experience the love you seek.


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