Help Your Relationship Thrive

Couples Therapy

Unlock your Potential for Great Love

If you could fix your relationship problems on your own, you would have already done it already. Many couples spend years suffering needlessly in their relationship or even worse ending a relationship that has the potential to be great because they are afraid to ask for help. When your leg is broken, you go see a doctor. Your relationship deserves the same level of care and attention.

To begin, we will meet together for a 1-hour session and determine your goals as a couple. From there, we will begin weekly couples therapy sessions. The focus of my work is on helping you and your partner learn how have the best relationship possible. In our sessions we will begin by talking through reoccurring problems and then move into learning new skills to resolve these problems. Once we rebuild your foundation, we will dive deep into enriching your love relationship so that your connection is strong and powerful moving forward. My goal for you is that you learn the skills you need in order order to become your own therapist in the long-term.

I offer online therapy only via a secure online video system.

Couples therapy is $175 per 1 hour session. I accept credit cards or health savings account cards (HSA).