Help Your Relationship Thrive

Couples Therapy

Unlock your Potential for Great Love

Imagine waking up Saturday morning excited to spend the weekend with your partner. Your weekend could be filled with good conversation, fun activities, great sex, date nights, and a feeling team work. 

By the time you graduate from couple’s therapy, you could be there. 

It isn’t going to happen over night, but with commitment, flexibly and relational work, you can have that reality. 

How Will Couples Therapy Help Us?

You and your partner will learn how to:

  • Stay calm during conflict and difficult conversations 
  • Identify & resolve past issues that impact your communication in the present
  • Validate each others thoughts and feelings
  • Appreciate the unique strengths you both bring to the relationship
  • Have meaningful, intimate conversations that enhance emotional closeness

To begin, we will meet together for a 1-hour session and determine your goals for couple’s therapy. 

From there, I will meet with you both for one individual  therapy session. 

Then, we will begin weekly (or bi-monthly) couples therapy sessions.

What Does a Couple’s Therapy Session Look Like 

In our sessions we will begin by identifying and resolving recurring problems. 

I will teach you new communication and relationship skills so that you can master the arts of validating your partner, deep listening, emotional self-expression and mutually satisfying conflict resolution. 

Once we rebuild your foundation, we will dive deep into enriching your love relationship so that your connection is strong and powerful moving forward.

The goal is for you to learn the skills you need in order to become your own therapist in the long-term.

I offer in person therapy in Orlando Florida and online therapy only via a secure online video system to couples in Florida and New York and Connecticut.

Couples therapy is $225 per 55 min session. I accept credit cards or health savings account cards (HSA). I can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement for part of the session. I cannot guarantee that your insurance will provide any coverage. 




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