What if your Relationship was thriving?

I help struggling couples build  thriving, passionate, supportive, loving,  and intimate relationships.

I believe in the power of relationships. As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I am trained specifically to work with couples. The focus of my practice is helping your create an extraordinary relationship. When your intimate relationship is strong, it provides a foundation for you to thrive. You deserve to have a thriving, healthy, happy relationship.

With my in-depth and specific training in couples therapy I am able to help create more effective change. Couples who work with me learn how to rebuild communication, passion and intimacy in their relationship.

What to expect: After a complimentary phone consultation, we will schedule an in person meeting. When you arrive for your first appointment, you and I will meet for 60 minutes. Our first session is a time for us to get to know each other, identify your concerns and goals, and develop a plan to enhance your relationship. At the completion of the first session, you will be rescheduled to begin therapy. Sessions are 60 minutes. I see clients on a weekly basis and schedule 1 month at a time.

I offer Couples Therapy in Orlando, Florida.

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