What if you could change your life- faster?

My Whole Person Approach to healing brings together best practices in Marriage and Family Therapy  in order to help you make change quickly and effectively.

Why it works: Many People come to psychotherapy for help dealing with the pain and distress of their lives. Things like anxiety, depression and trauma affect the whole person on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Classic examples are stress headaches, or butterflies in the stomach. However, these symptoms are not isolated problems, they exist within and are affected by relationships with family friends. By understanding and addressing problems on different levels it allows for speedy and effective resolutions.

I offer Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy Sessions as well as workshops in Longwood, Florida.

Individual Couple Family Therapist Longwood Florida

For more information or to schedule call 407-476-3848 or email kirstenmkeach@gmail.com.

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