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Welcome to my practice. My name is Kirsten Keach and I am a Marriage and Family therapist, best selling author, and yoga teacher with a private practice in Longwood, Florida.

I am here to help you revive your love, rekindle your passion for each other, and to help each of you shine in the world.

My personal belief is that every relationship has the potential to be “smoking hot.” However, many of us settle for “just okay.” We settle and allow years of pain and resentment to keep our relationship from reaching its full potential.

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My work with couples is unique and effective. I strive to bring you the best couples therapy available. In order to do this, I take a mind-body approach my work. My holistic approach helps you to create lasting change in your relationship.

I offer Couples therapy sessions, groups and workshops in Longwood, Florida. My office is located in the Serenity Now Yoga and Dance Studio and is easily accessible from Altamonte Springs, Apopka, Sanford, Lake Mary, and Oveido Florida. 

To schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation call 407-476-3848

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