Kirsten Keach M.A. LMFT

7 Signs You're in a Conscious soul-loving Relationship

I couldn’t stop screaming as waves of pleasure ripped through my body. The orgasms kept coming until I melted into complete ecstasy. With the few thoughts I could muster I wondered, “how did I get to this magical place?” “Where did I find this beautiful pleasure giving man?”

Earlier that day I had participated in a workshop about tantric sex. In this workshop we learned the secrets to mastering the female orgasm. The instructor informed us that it could take years to master this practice. But some how, it was already happening to me. I cracked the pleasure code. 

As women, our bodies are capable of immeasurable pleasure. We have a huge erotic potential. That potential often remains hidden because we don’t know how to access our pleasure. Sometimes, we are even afraid to find out what we are really capable of or we worry about overshadowing our men. 

Most of us started exploring our bodies and sexuality as teenagers. We lived in our parent’s house, or fooled around in awkward places where we had to be quiet and reserved. We were under the constant threat of getting caught. 

We trained our bodies to orgasm quickly and quietly. 

It is time to let it all go and learn how access your true sexual potential. 

Train your body to have mind-blowing orgasms using three simple steps: 

Breath, Sound & Movement

Breath-Take deep breaths while you are in an intimate encounter. Deep breathing helps move the pleasurable sensations through your entire body. It also extends the amount of time that you are at your pleasure peak. Deep breathing alone can shift you into an extended fully body orgasm. 

Sound– You’re not in your mom’s house. Allow yourself to be vocal and expressive. Let any sounds out that want to come- scream, cry, or moan. Sound is part of the experience. Expressing your pleasure freely will help you transcend deeper into the erotic body. It will help you get out of your head and into the deep creative well of pleasure you have inside. And as a bonus, it will really turn your partner on. 

Movement– Move your body along with the natural pleasurable sensations you experience. Become further eroticized by thrusting your hips, wiggling, shaking, or withering. In any position you can move and engage your body to enhance your pleasure. Adding movement will help your orgasm become full bodied. 

Fabulous mind numbing orgasms are slow and loud. They take practice, vulnerability and peace of mind. They require us to put our pleasure first, and take the focus off of our partner. 

If you are worried about what your partner will think about you when you start breathing, moaning, and wiggling remember this: there is nothing sexier than a woman loosing herself in pleasure. 

In fact, most of the men that I sleep with think that they have achieved some kind of god status afterwards. They think that they are the reason I had 10 orgasms. But the real truth is, it’s not them, it’s me. I know the secrets to a great orgasm. I’ve trained my body to access deep extended pleasure. 

It’s time to stop holding back on your pleasure. Go and get intimate with your partner or get down with some self-pleasure.  Remember the three key elements: breath, sound and movement. 

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Originally Published in The Vim Magazine