Kirsten Keach M.A. LMFT

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Your Self-Care Matters TO ME

As a teacher, nurse, therapist, professional yogi, or other healing professional you deserve access to really good therapy as a form of self-care. I know you work hard, you probably love your job much of the time, but giving so much takes and emotional toll on you. This effects your overall quality of life and your relationships. When you are stressed, everyone feels it. Your relationships suffer.

The thought of taking time off and setting aside money from your budget for therapy can feel impossible at times. Those are usually the times when you need support the most. I’ve been there. I know how hard it is. So, let’s change this story.

Let me help you start thriving again.

Being a full-time therapist in private practice allows me the flexibility to offer my time generously. So, for the months of August & September I am offering $50/ off per session for healing professionals both in my in person in my office and online via a secure video platform.

Who’s Included

If your primary occupation in a healing profession or teaching, you are included in this offer. There are many healing professions, so I’ll let you be the judge of that for yourself.

What Services Are Included

I offer individual and couples therapy. My main objective is to help you thrive and my speciality is relationships and spirituality. The discounted offer is only available for individual therapy.


I offer services to Florida and New York residents. I have an in-person office located in Downtown Orlando, FL. I offer online therapy via a secure video platform to located anywhere in Florida or New York State.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Complete the form the below. My calendar fills-up quickly, so book as soon as possible to be included in this offer. This is a special offer and is only available for August & September 2019 and is only available through this blog.

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