Kirsten Keach M.A. LMFT

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7 Ways Yoga Can Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

By: Kirsten Keach MA, LMFT
Do you ever get home at the end of a long day and finally have a few minutes to spend with your significant other but find that all you want to do is use your computer, watch TV, or sleep? Do you find it happening more frequently? We live in a fast paced often over stressed world. It is hard to connect with our significant others when we are experiencing chronic stress as it leads to anxiety, worry, fatigue, physical discomfort and a general state of preoccupation. Our most intimate relationships are the first to suffer. Luckily, practicing yoga offers you a way to decrease the impacts of stress while simultaneously building positive emotional and physical states. This leaves us with more to give to ourselves and our signifiant others.

Regular Yoga Practice Can have the Following Benefits:

  1. Increases Positive Emotions 
  2. Decreases Anxiety and Depression
  3. Decreases Emotional Reactivity
  4. Builds Energy and Vitality
  5. Builds Flexibility 
  6. Increases Body Connection
  7. Increases Present Moment Awareness

American Psychological Association: Yoga as a Practice ToolHarvard Medical School: Yoga for Anxiety and DepressionPsychology Today: Take a Stand for Yoga Today
Beginning a yoga practice can be simple. The positive benefits of yoga can be experienced even with a short practice.

A Simple Yoga Series to Begin Practicing:

I’ve chosen these poses for their simplicity as well as physical and emotional benefits. Click on the links below for step-by-step instructions. Namaste, Kirsten
Mountain Pose
Tree Pose
Wide Legged Forward Fold
Cow Face Pose

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