#KIDSMATTER~ Rearing kids is hard.  

We now have the attention span of GOLDFISH.  

This page is here to provide you with tools and ideas to help you, help kids become more mindful. There are 3 ways to learn, read the book Fidget Wisely take the online video course Mindfulness for Kids, and/or join the Fidget Wisely Facebook Group

The Book

Fidget Wisely: 10 ways to teach mindfulness skills to kids who can’t sit still. A book for parents, teachers, and therapists.

Let’s face it- everyone who participates in the rearing of children whether it be through parenting, teaching, counseling or otherwise has moments when they reach their edge. Moments, when you just want the kids to calm down and the usual tricks aren’t working. Fidget Wisely is designed to teach you how to engage kids in mindfulness activities so that when you reach those critical moments, you have another option. The activities in Fidget Wisely creates an opportunity for you to take those frustrating moments and turn them into fun opportunities to help your kids get more self-regulated.

Fidget Wisely empowers you with practical, hands-on strategies for bringing mindfulness into the everyday lives of your kids.

Fidget Wisely is designed for busy parents, teachers, and therapists who are looking for new ways to approach children.

Fidget Wisely provides detailed instructions on fun and creative kids mindfulness activities including kids yoga, kids meditation, kids breathing techniques, and mindful crafts.

THe Online COurse

Mindfulness Skills for Kids

This online course is a great independently or as a companion to Fidget Wisely. It walks you through how to implement mindfulness skills and activities for kids. You can even use the videos while you are teaching and participate in the activities alongside you kids! This course offers the same skills as in the fidget wisely book, but provides additional instruction and visual aids.

This course is designed for busy parents, teacher and therapists who are looking for new ways to help children calm down and relax. At the end of this course you will be able to confidently implement 8 mindfulness activities into your child or children’s daily routine in the home or classroom. You will learn how to use children’s yoga, glitter jars, breathing techniques and more.

  • Develop new skills to help your child stay calm
  • Learn 8 fun strategies for implementing mindfulness activities
  • Explore mindfulness activities that addresses various senses
  • Learn alongside your child or children

Learn and master 8 mindfulness strategies for helping children calm down. 

Through this course we’ll learn how mindfulness actives can be fun an engaging. Helping children learn how to calm down and regulate their emotions through mindfulness can revolutionize your approach to managing difficult children and bring more peace and calm into your life.  All of the activities in this course are meant to be done along side your child or group of children so you can learn these skills together.  The more you practice these skills, the more effective they become. I designed this course for busy parents, teachers, and therapists who are beginners at using mindfulness activities with children.

The Facebook Group

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