Online Women’s Therapy Group

It’s Time to Feel Supported

You don’t have to go through this difficult period of life alone. Things are changing everyday and the impacts of long-term social isolation are starting to set in. This is especially true for single women living in NYC. 

I know it may feel like your problems are “small” or “less than” those of others who are suffering more. But they aren’t. Your mental health and wellbeing MATTER right now. 

In order to help combat the loneliness, anxious feelings and insecurity about the future I am running an Online Women’s Therapy Group.


Group Meets Monday’s at 6pm EST via Zoom 

Group Dates: 4/27/20-6/1/20 

Group Cost: $250 (total for the 6 weeks) credit cards and health savings account cards accepted.

How to join

Fill out the contact form below and we will schedule a time for a brief introductory call. 

Need another time? I run groups based on request from clients, so if the group fills, I will add additional groups as needed.

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