Online Women’s Therapy Group

It’s Time to Feel Supported

Life is full or unexpected changes and circumstances right now. Everyday brings with it a new set of worries, concerns, restrictions but also possibilities.

I know it may feel like your problems are “small” or “less than” those of others who are suffering more. But they aren’t. Your mental health and wellbeing MATTER right now. 

In order to help combat the loneliness, anxious feelings and insecurity about the future I am running an Online Women’s Therapy Group.

In this group, you will learn to find your personal power in the areas that YOU can and learn how to THRIVE while navigating difficult circumstance. The great thing about life right now is that many of the old rules that we lived by are out the window. It is time to create a new future.

I am Currently accepting Applications for Groups beginning the week of September 15th. Keep reading to Apply.


Groups Meet Weekly Via Zoom for 6 weeks

Groups Begin the week of September 15th, 2020

Groups Cost: $250 for the series.

How to join

Group synergy is an important thing for a successful group. In order to help create that, I’ll assign you to a group that I think you will do the best in.

Fill out the contact form below

Complete the group application (I’ll email it to you).

Schedule a brief Call with me 

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