Why Teach Tantra?

Why do I teach Tantra?

I teach Tantra because it transformed my life. It changed my life in ways that I didn’t even know were possible and it did so in a very short period of time. I believe all people deserve to experience bliss. 

I teach Tantra because so many women (and men) are misinformed about their own bodies and the real power of their sexuality/creativity/femininity. I think this is a disservice to everyone. Even, well-educated women like myself (yes, I have a degree in women’s studies) don’t have access to the information that they need to be fulfilled.

I teach Tantra because it is fun. I love teaching it and talking about it. Who doesn’t want a better sex life? It serves as a reminder that growth and healing doesn’t always have to be hard and painful. Healing can come through positive experiences, bliss and pleasure.

I teach Tantra because harmonious relationships make a more peaceful world. This is one way I can contribute to creating happy and balanced relationships. 

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Your Pleasure is a Gift

Your Femininity is a Gift

Your Femininity is a gift- your pleasure is a gift that you give to the planet. I know that when I say this it may cause a reaction because so often in our culture femininity is viewed as dirty or bad. Sexuality, especially female sexuality is viewed the same way. So when I talk about femininity being a gift, it brings-up  internal voices that say otherwise. Femininity is… dirty, shameful, week, scary. It can bring to mind different archetypes that are often related to women. Women are often labeled as being a  virgin or whore and neither has a positive connotation. I want to challenge this binary view point. In fact, I am here to throw it out all together. Something else is possible. 

As women we have been culturally programed not to trust our feelings, our bodies, needs, our desires and ourselves. We have been programmed to put ourselves aside in order to take care of husbands, children, parents, families, and communities. In this, we loose touch with the critical importance of our pleasure, freedom, and our happiness. We base our worth on cultural expectations of success instead of what we know on the inside brings happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual growth.

When we are happy, fulfilled, content women the world around us gets better- substantially better. We have a huge influence in the world based in our own power, and in all of the relationships we interact with- be it family, work or otherwise. Really stop and think about how many people, places, and things you interact within a day. Now think about how different things would be if you walked around and interacted will of those same things from a state of joy or peace. How much would things change?

I would like to invite you to give yourself permission to find happiness based on the inside, your feeling center, your intuition and your connection to your body. To learn more check out the Unleash Your Feminine Mojo Workshop.

4 Ways to Stay Calm During the Hurricane

4 Ways to Stay Calm During the Hurricane

If you are anything like me you are  somewhere in Florida anxiously waiting for news on the hurricane and its path. I got up this morning and tried to go about life as usual, but it just didn’t happen. I walked in to teach my yoga class this morning and the students were all a buzz talking about Irma. Its just not a normal day.

Fear is in the air. The stores are selling out of water and emergency supplies. The sky is dark with clouds and I can’t shake this uneasy feeling.

When we are confronted with a crisis situation, like a natural disaster, our body reacts by going into fight, flight or freeze mode. This causes our body to flood with adrenaline and stress hormones. These hormones are in place so that we have the ability to evade a life threatening situation. If you are in a life-threatening situation, you should act immediately. But if we are not, these hormones leave us feeling on edge. We become hyper aware. So,  If you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, and uneasy about the storm (or other disaster), here are a few techniques you can use to help your self-calm down

 1. Breathe

  • Close your eyes and notice how your body feels for a moment.
  • Take a big breath in through your nose.
  • Hold your breath in for about 2 seconds.
  • Make a slow controlled exhalation through your nose.
  • Allow your exhalation to be longer than your inhalation.
  • Continue this process for several breaths.
  • Notice how your body feel
  • Slow controlled exhalations can help to calm the body down- Try it for yourself and see how it works

2. Become present with your environment

  • Identify 5 things you see right now
  • Identify 4 things that you feel right now
  • Identify 3 things that you hear right now
  • Identify 2 things that you smell right now
  • Identify 1 thing that you taste right now

3. Review your safety plan

When you are starting to feel stressed or worried, going over your safety plan (or evacuation plan) can help calm the mind.

  • Write your safety plan on a piece of paper. This can help you to see that you have steps in place for how to handle a real emergency.
  • Talk it through with a friend or loved one. This can help with any areas that may need to be strengthened. 

4. Take things one-step at a time

You have to take the first step first. Breaking things down into small steps can help you respond effectively during high stress periods. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What has to happen next?
  • What small step can I take in this moment?

Sometimes taking a very small step forward can help break through the overwhelm.


Tree Pose


Begin Standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Find a still point in front of you & focus your gaze

Shift your weight onto your right foot

Lift your left foot place the left heel on the ankle or thigh

Place your palms together at heart center or extend arms overhead

Engage your root lock & pull your belly in towards your spine


Improves balance, focus and memory.

Strengthens ankles and knees


Recent or chronic knee or hip injury

7 Ways Yoga Can Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

7 Ways Yoga Can Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

By: Kirsten Keach MA, LMFT

Do you ever get home at the end of a long day and finally have a few minutes to spend with your significant other but find that all you want to do is use your computer, watch TV, or sleep? Do you find it happening more frequently? We live in a fast paced often over stressed world. It is hard to connect with our significant others when we are experiencing chronic stress as it leads to anxiety, worry, fatigue, physical discomfort and a general state of preoccupation. Our most intimate relationships are the first to suffer. Luckily, practicing yoga offers you a way to decrease the impacts of stress while simultaneously building positive emotional and physical states. This leaves us with more to give to ourselves and our signifiant others.

Regular Yoga Practice Can have the Following Benefits:

  1. Increases Positive Emotions 
  2. Decreases Anxiety and Depression
  3. Decreases Emotional Reactivity
  4. Builds Energy and Vitality
  5. Builds Flexibility 
  6. Increases Body Connection
  7. Increases Present Moment Awareness

American Psychological Association: Yoga as a Practice ToolHarvard Medical School: Yoga for Anxiety and DepressionPsychology Today: Take a Stand for Yoga Today

Beginning a yoga practice can be simple. The positive benefits of yoga can be experienced even with a short practice.

A Simple Yoga Series to Begin Practicing:

I’ve chosen these poses for their simplicity as well as physical and emotional benefits. Click on the links below for step-by-step instructions. Namaste, Kirsten

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Wide Legged Forward Fold

Cow Face Pose

Interested in trying a yoga inspired therapy session Click Here, Interested in attending a workshop Click Here.

Simple Mindfulness Activity for Kids (and grown-ups)

Simple Mindfulness Activity for Kids (and grown-ups)

One Spring day I was on the verge of having an unexplained panic attack. Intuitively and for no real reason, I grabbed the half gallon jar of change I’d been collecting. I poured the jar out on to my bed and began counting. First, I separated out the change by type of coin. Then I began counting the money as I returned it to the jarChange for Mindfulness. By the end of the activity I found that I had completely forgotten about my panic and was in a calm regulated state of mind. Now, I repeat this activity when I am in a heightened state of anxiety.

This fun activity functions as a type of meditation and can be used in times of heightened emotion, or as a practice for increasing focus and concentration.

Step One: Find a large jar and begin filling it with coins. Colorful rocks or large marbles are a great substitute especially for younger children.

Step Two: Find a nice flat surface and pour out the contents of the jar. Sort the contents of jar in some sort of pattern. This could include sorting by type of coin, or by color or shape if you are using stones or marbles.  

Step Three: Place the contents back into the jar on piece at a time.

Elements that Enhance this Activity: One of the best parts of this activity is that it is tactile and engages senses in the hands. For some children this is especially helpful in helping them focus and calm down. I also love that you can do this activity with things you likely have in your home right now.

Additionally there are many metaphors and connections that can drawn from this activity. For example, it amazes me that the jar in the picture contains $37. It reminds me that all of the small moments in life add up to something larger.

There are many ways to utilize this activity. I hope you enjoy it.